Rules/Guidelines/Gentle Suggestions 

1. I will complete at least one Pintrest based activity per week.

2. I am not allowed to double up i. e. If one week I sew the next I can cook or meditate or try out a new game with bub or go to Sydney.  Sewing will not count as an official activity even if it is from Pintrest.

3. I am allowed one Pintrest inspired activity every four weeks (where I see a picture of, I don’t know, a tapestry covered chair but there is no tutorial to be found. Anywhere. So I spray paint my chair to look like it is covered in tapestry. For example. A randomly chosen one.

4. I can blog about other things I do based on Pintrest if I so desire but if they happen before blog day they don’t count as ‘week’s activities. Just blog posts. If anyone is interested.

5. On that note, I will blog on the same day every day every week. Or within four days if it. C’mon – toddlers!

6. I will not forget why I’m doing this.