About or Why are you doing this?

My youngest – bub- loves watching Bollywood on Instagram. Ask me how we got to that- I dare you.

We started with horses – Spanish dancing horses saving my sanity through forty second blocks of entertainment, then ducks. ” It’s only forty seconds” meant my no screens rule was still intact-ish.

Then we moved to Ballet, bub loves music & dances often. I really want her to take lessons when she can. “Classical music is good for the mind” thought I ” the maths bit”

Then, somehow, we stumbled into Bollywood. And bub was hooked, as was I on the music, clothes & culture.

At the same time I was trying to work out how to plant a renters garden & make my new house feel like a home.

I was also trawling the net for info on camping with a baby (big family trip in September)

But every internet search -be it about Lenghas or how to grow herbs in winter -I kept coming across that bloody annoying ” Viewing Pintrest is so much better in our app…blah..blah” redirection window.

Which would have been fine if I couldn’t see all the information and images I wanted just there; near yet so far away; if I didn’t have a phone that would not download any app because – oh I don’t know, ask my 15 yr old.

Then I got a new phone. Birthday present. In laws. They rock.

I downloaded the app. Bliss. A world where someone had done the three hours of internetting for me. Where I could save things to look at later without bloody bookmarks or copy- pasting.

I love Pintrest.

It also does that cool thing of anticipating what you might like – which can be excellent  (upcycling clothes, games to play with bub, excellent cheesecake) or it can be very wrong ( Thinspiration and too many memes)

So now I have seven billion things I want to do (Fire Pit! Fire Pit!)


I’ve reached a point.

A point where my life, mind and heart are in a state of disarray.

I’ve reached an age I’m not okay being (which is a first)

I feel like I’ve missed a lot of life due to illness, both mental & physical.

And this is a state only random projects and ideas plucked from the internet will fix.

So I’m going to aim to do one Pintrest activity a week. For 52 weeks. I hope you join me šŸ™‚

So HUZZAH for new skills and giving things a go.