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Week 12 – What I Rembered

(Apologies for lateness I’ve been doing a hundred things for our trip in September and bubs birthday and just haven’t had the oomph. Don’t even really now, thus brief post)

So this week I made birdfeeders to go in place of our rapidly greening orange- or rather Effigies reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project.

We started last week following 

this pin.

We used sheet gellatin instead of powder so I think that may be why our results were a little less than perfect.

We even let them dry for  five days

No change really.

In the end though I used my newfound Pintrest macrame skills and made little bags for them to hang in (Well the clumpier bits) and we scattered the rest of the seed.

And bub loved watching the birds and the birds actually lined up to take turns for the seed- so, really- success.

Bottom circle – Birds. Top circle – Birdseed effigy

We just need to take the string and bamboo effigies down now.


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