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First Week

So, here we go.

For my first project I chose this : 

Really Very Easy Nightie Tutorial 

My little one has recently started hating the press studs on her onesie pjs and demanding them undone. THIS leads to them riding up, taking the singlet with them and before I know it I have a bub in nothing but a nappy and strange cowl scarf – bolero like arrangement. 

Not good for winter. 

I also have fond memories of curling up in my snuggly flanelette nightie- looked ghastly- but so warm.

I saw this tutorial and thought ” Brilliant- how simple” & dove in.

I, of course, being me forgot I hadn’t been near a sewing machine in twenty years,  skipped half the steps, didn’t measure a thing and had to add a “boho look” extension to the skirt.

Bit like my life really.

But bub loves it. Won’t work as a nightie. (no sleeves- note to all DON’T choose a cold shoulder top- or if you do sew the dangly sleeve bits back on before anything else. a sleeveless shirt cannot grow sleeves (especially long ones) no matter how much you want it to)

But I think it looks really cute anyway. (Excuse dodgy photos- it’ll get better)


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